The Pros and Cons of Canva Websites

February 11, 2024
Pros and Cons of Canva Websites - Making Informed Decisions for Your Online Presence

The Pros and Cons of Canva Websites

Are you embarking on the journey of creating a website for your business but don’t want the hassle of coding or complex design skills? Building a Canva Website might be the solution you’re looking for.

In this guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of using Canva’s design platform for canva websites, especially tailored for coaches and small businesses. From one-page designs to the intricacies of SEO, we’ll answer burning questions like “Are Canva websites any good?” and “Can you use a free Canva website for your business?”

Pros of Using Canva Websites:

  1. Efficient One-Page Design: Canva’s one-page website design is ideal for landing pages, personal websites, and small businesses. Despite being limited to one page, the design possibilities are expansive, offering infinite scroll capabilities.
  2. Add Hyperlinks Easily: Seamlessly incorporate hyperlinks into both text and elements with a simple right-click. This feature enables easy navigation to external resources, enhancing the overall user experience.
  3. Create a Personal Design Style: While Canva provides an array of pre-designed templates, the platform allows you to infuse your unique design style. Whether customizing templates or building a one-page site from scratch, you have the flexibility to make it distinctly yours.
  4. Choose a Custom or Free Domain: Canva’s Website Builder offers up to five free Canva domains. Additionally, users can opt for a custom domain at an affordable price, providing a professional touch to their online presence.
  5. Incorporate Company Branding: Canva Pro members can seamlessly integrate their personal or business branding into their website using Canva’s brand kit feature. This ensures consistency across all design elements.
  6. Responsive Design: Canva automates the responsiveness of your website, ensuring it looks great on both desktop and mobile devices, however the mobile view display is limited to a one tick solution. The built-in grid system and element grouping further assist in maintaining a visually appealing layout.
  7. Turn On Password Protection: Enhance privacy by easily enabling password protection for your website. This feature is particularly useful for sensitive content or private events.
  8. Access to Traffic Insights: Canva Pro users gain access to invaluable traffic insights, aiding in understanding website performance. This feature is essential for effective content marketing and strategy.

Cons of Using Canva’s Website Builder:

  1. No Multi-Page Design: Canva’s limitation to one-page designs may be restrictive for those preferring multi-page websites. While a workaround exists using hyperlinks, it’s not as seamless as traditional multi-page designs.
  2. No CSS or In-Depth Coding: Despite its user-friendly interface, Canva’s Website Builder lacks the capability for advanced coding. This limitation may deter those seeking precise control over website development.
  3. No Integrated Forms or Charts: Canva doesn’t provide native form tools, and while external integrations like Typeform are available, the process can be cumbersome. This might be a drawback for those requiring seamless form integration.
  4. Design Elements Aren’t Unique: While Canva offers a vast library of design elements, the risk of creating a website with common elements used by other Canva users exists. External element integration is also limited.
  5. No SEO Tools: Canva’s Website Builder lacks built-in SEO tools or plugins, requiring users to independently implement and manage SEO strategies for optimal website visibility.
  6. No blogging feature so no potential to drive more traffic to your website through blogging.

Is Canva’s Website Builder Worth Using?

Canva’s Website Builder emerges as a powerful tool for content creators, small businesses, and design enthusiasts seeking a straightforward, free solution. Its limitations in multi-page designs and advanced features might not suit those with specific coding or extensive integration requirements. However, for those desiring a visually appealing, functional website without the complexities, Canva’s Website Builder proves to be a valuable resource.

In conclusion, the decision to use Canva’s Website Builder ultimately depends on your specific needs and the level of customization and functionality required for your online presence. It’s a fantastic option for start up service based businesses wanting a profile style website, but not ideal for scalability and driving organic traffic in the long term. Want to see some great examples of canva websites templates: See here our Canva websites for coaches and small businesses.

See this video to see how you can publish your website for free with Canva:-

If you’re eyeing long-term blogging and scalability, WordPress stands out as a robust alternative. While Canva’s Website Builder offers simplicity and quick solutions, WordPress provides a more extensive platform, ideal for those looking to expand their online presence over time. WordPress’s flexibility allows for multi-page designs, advanced coding capabilities, and seamless integration of plugins for enhanced functionality. It’s a popular choice among bloggers, small businesses, and coaches seeking a versatile and scalable platform. For a closer look at how WordPress can cater to the specific needs of coaches and small businesses, explore our WordPress website designed for optimal performance: Click here to see our WordPress Website Templates for Coaches and Small Businesses.


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