Marianne Brand Kit

The Marianne Social Brand Kit is a comprehensive bundle featuring 200 editable Canva templates with business essentials such as Business cards, LinkedIn banners, Email signatures and Instagram posts designed in a luxury burgundy and green colour pallet. With everything you need to show up on line, this social brand kit will elevate your online presence immediately. A versatile toolkit for consistent brand expression across platforms.




Attention coaches, elevate your online presence and make a lasting impression with the Ready Made Brand Kit for Coaches. This comprehensive bundle includes 200 editable Canva templates featuring essential business elements such as Business cards, LinkedIn banners, Email signatures, and Instagram posts. Showcase your coaching expertise seamlessly across various platforms and leave a lasting impact with this versatile toolkit, ensuring consistent brand expression online.

Affordably Priced

We believe that establishing a strong and cohesive brand identity should be accessible to all, and our pricing reflects this commitment.

Editable in Canva

Our commitment to providing editable assets in Canva ensures that you not only receive a top-tier brand kit but also enjoy the freedom to make it distinctly yours with ease.

A Fully Customizable Brand Kit

This Brand has been made with the Marianne name, however the logo and templates are 100% customizable, so this can be changed to feature any name. Just replace the text and images in Canva with your own. 

What’s in the Brand Kit?

200 fully editable templates, just replace our images and text with your own

Get your brand showing authority from day one. No more slogging over social templates or e-mail signatures trying to make them fit your brand, each element is designed cohesively to fit any black and white monochrome brand. If you already have a logo with a monochrome pallet, you do not need to use our logo, the templates will still look perfect for any monochrome brand.

  • 4 x Logos
  • Brand Board & Mood Board
  • Social Icons
  • Invoice Template
  • Promotional Banners
  • 5 Facebook Profile Covers
  • 20 Facebook Posts
  • 100 Instagram Posts
  • 10 Instagram Stories
  • 10 Instagram Highlights
  • 5 Pinterest Profile Covers
  • 20 Pinterest Pins
  • 5 Digital Business Cards
  • 5 Traditional Business Cards
  • 5 LinkedIn Profile Banners
  • 5 E-mail Signatures
  • 4 Podcast Cover Art
  • Social Buttons

Matching Marianne WordPress Website

See our Marianne Website Template thoughtfully designed and would be perfect for coaches and course creators seeking a sophisticated and intuitive online presence. The template seamlessly integrates the rich burgundy, vibrant green, and delicate cream hues from the Marianne palette, creating a visually captivating and harmonious user experience. The layout is both elegant and user-friendly, providing an ideal platform to showcase coaching services and course offerings. The template includes strategically placed social buttons, ensuring seamless connectivity to various platforms. With customizable sections for testimonials, course details, and engaging visuals, the Marianne Website Template offers a perfect balance of depth, passion, and purity. Its responsive design ensures a seamless experience across devices, while the integrated blog and newsletter features facilitate ongoing communication with the audience. Elevate your coaching or course creation brand with this template that harmonizes aesthetics and functionality, embodying the timeless beauty of Marianne.

First Impressions Are Everything

Picture this: A potential client stumbles upon your online presence, and BAM! Your logo speaks volumes about your professionalism, the social templates are on point, and the email signature exudes confidence. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about communicating your brand’s personality and values right from the get-go. View our other ready made brand kits here

Need a Custom Made Logo and Brand Board Instead?

Elevate your brand identity with our Premium Logo & Branding Package, a bespoke service crafted to reflect your unique vision. Our expert designers will create a distinctive logo that captures the essence of your brand. From colour palettes to typography, every element will be thoughtfully chosen to convey your brand’s personality and message.


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