Content Adding Service

No Time to Get Your Own WordPress Site Ready? Don’t worry, we can do this for you! Adding content to your website can be a very time consuming task. It can also be difficult to decide where to place your text so we will make all of the decisions for you based on our experience of website structuring and converting clients.



The service will include the following:

Website Installation

We will walk you through selecting your website hosting provider (we recommended SiteGround), purchasing your Elementor Page Builder Plugin and we will then support you in linking these to your WordPress account. We will install your website template onto your new WordPress site. we will need you to be available during this process.

Content Adding

We will add content to up to 10 pages of your new website. The content needs to be prepared in advance, however we will place the content on the pages in a structured way ensuring that your website has a clear message.


We would ask that you place your content onto Word or Google Docs with each section named, for example ‘Home Page’, ‘Services’ etc. Please also ensure that you reference to which photos go with the text. Images should be in JPEG or PNG. format and we recommend that these are named clearly, eg. ‘Sarah Thomas Speaking at the Web Conference’. See our Blog Post ‘Guide to image SEO’ here for more information on naming your images. Please place all of your content into one folder and send to us via a zip file or a share link. We ask that your content is ready 5 days before your scheduled content adding is booked.

Yoast SEO

We will install the Yoast SEO Plugin on your site, enabling you to make improvements to your on page SEO in your own time. If you would like us to help with on page SEO, you can add a starter SEO service on here.


Please contact us to schedule your content adding service in. We can usually schedule this service in within 1 month of you purchasing the website kit. Please contact us to discuss our availability.


Depending on the amount of content you have, the content adding service usually takes approx. 7 working days to complete.


Payment is required 14 days prior to the content adding service is due to commence.





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