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This Coaching Website Template is perfect for new coaches starting out in their coaching business. Designed in Canva, this offers flexibility and affordability. Edit yourself and easily change colours to match your brand. Include your external links, such as e-mail sign up list, calendar booking and any other marketing or social platforms.

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Introducing our Canva Websites for Coaches

Canva coaching websites are a fantastic way to launch a professional online presence without the usual costs involved in building a full website. Canva’s easy editing platform allows you to be up and running in the matter of hours.


This website template is made as a one page design, however, we include a navigation menu at the top so that you get an instant feel of being on a regular website with pages. The template is divided up into sections for each topic, and you can use the navigation to jump to each section.

Taking Payments On Your Website

You can open a Stripe or PayPal account and add your payment URL link into your buttons on your website, enabling you to take instant payments for coaching sessions or programmes.

E-Mail Marketing

Each Canva website template can be easily integrated with your chosen e-mail marketing platform, for example, mailchimp, flodesk etc.  Simply set up your sign up forms in your marketing platforms and get the URL link for your ‘subscribe’ button on your website. You can also use the same method for setting up a freebie give away.

Appointment Booking

If you want to allow your customers to make an appointment, you can sign up to an appointment booking system such as Calendly or Google Calendar.  Add your booking link to your ‘Book a Call’ button on the website.

Social Media

Add your social links to the social media icons on the website enabling customers to follow you on your social channels.


Using your video content URL, you can simply add these to your website and feature live videos on your site.

Simple Editing

Canva is known for its intuitive and user-friendly interface. It doesn’t require users to have advanced design skills, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals, including those without a background in design or coding.


The cost of a Canva Coaching Websites are a fraction of the cost you would pay for a regular website design. It’s a fantastic option for those starting out in their coaching business or those who just want a profile page.

Mobile Responsive

We have designed this website with responsiveness in mind and it therefore looks perfect on mobile, desktop and tablet view which is a must for any website as more and more people are using their hand held devices for website browsing.


Linking your website to Google Console will allow you to monitor your website traffic enabling you to make marketing decisions based on real data and visitor statistics.

Multiple Sections

The website has multiples sections, listed below, with a navigation menu to jump to each section. You can simply hide sections in Canva if you do not want to use them and also duplicate sections that you want to re-use again.

  • Home
  • Motivational Words
  • About
  • Services
  • Trust
  • Subscribe to e-mail
  • Client Testimonials
  • Follow on Social
  • Contact
  • Privacy Policy

100% Customizable

Tailor your website effortlessly by changing text, colors, fonts, images, and adjusting pages and sections to align with your unique needs.


  • Canva do not yet give the option to have full control over the mobile view. Canva will transform your website into mobile view, however if there is lots of text in a section, this may result in your text being small.
  • Canva websites are not suitable for blogging
  • Canva websites have have limited options for building organic SEO for search engines due to their ‘1 page’ design

Hosting your Website

Canva has a free website hosting option and you can publish your website with a Canva domain name. For example  You can also opt to use your own custom domain name if you have one, for example For this option you will need a Canva Pro account and you can then connect your domain platform with Canva.

The Process

1 – Purchase this template.
2 – Go to your Account under ‘Purchases’ – Download the PDF file containing the access link to the template and watch the video tutorial.
3 – Log in or create a Canva account.
4 – Open the template in Canva and edit the text, replace images, and adjust colors effortlessly.
5 – Publish your website and share with your customers!

This template is exclusively designed for Canva and isn’t compatible with other website platforms. If you require a more advanced WordPress website, I can assist you with a WordPress option. Please do get in touch to discuss this.

Additional Bonus:

We have created an Instagram Carousel template featuring mock up devices. You can use to share your new website with your social medial followers!


The re-sale or re-distribution of this template is strictly prohibited, including giving it away as a freebie. It is licenced for single use only and the copyright is owned exclusively by Brandority.

Need help or advice?

Please don’t hesitate to drop me a message, and I’ll be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have.


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